Traditions and History

1926- Channer Securities Company is founded by George S. Channer on LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL

1936- George’s son Frederick W. Channer joins the firm (1926-1936 was one of the most difficult periods in the investment business)*

1960- Frederick Channer, as C.E.O., combines forces with Vincent Newman to create Channer Newman Securities Company

1976- Frederick’s son Christopher S. Channer joins the firm, and in 1982 Christopher creates Channer Financial Services (the early 70’s was another very difficult period in the investment business)*

2002- Channer Investment Management is founded by Christopher S. Channer (1999-2002 was another difficult periods in the investment business)

“Adversity creates opportunity”, is an old Channer value.

The Channer Traditions can best be communicated through three key values, which have been alive and well for three generations:

Know your trade, and be more competent than your competitor
Relationships are critical to the well being and future of any investment firm
The customer’s best interest must always come ahead of all others

The last century brought America many forms of progress, innovation, and enhanced productivity. But the investment business was actually damaged by many of these same changes. Three generations of experience has taught the Channer participants that if you try to substitute any variation for the above values, something always regrettably suffers.

The investing public has often been mis-served when management attempted to substitute youth and education for experience and maturity; when management attempted to substitute capital and corporate structure for enduring personal relationships; when the large and powerful (Wall Street), placed their self interest in substitution of their clients, a violation of their fiduciary responsibilities. [/two_third][one_third_last]traditions[/one_third_last]