Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Why Choose Channer Investment Management?

WHY CHOOSE CHANNER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT?   SIX IMPORTANT REASONS –   True Custom Management.  Our clients’ accounts are held and managed separately, and in specific consideration of each client’s preferences, tax circumstances, risk tolerances and other individual variables.  No two accounts are the same at Channer, because no two clients are the same. By comparison, […]

Bernard Madoff “Ponzi Scheme”

       Q:  How could the Bernard Madoff “Ponzi Scheme” have         happened in this day and age?  A:  There are some golden rules, when it comes to investing money.  Here are a few that relate:  If you don’t understand it, don’t invest in it. Never let greed get in the way of common sense. Trust, […]

A CIM Special Report: 2010

      Where are the Jobs?    Why has the market  advanced recently?     Did we have a “lost decade”? If so, what is ahead?    [As carefully discussed on The Conservative Investor’s Radio Program.]     Where are the Jobs? The media likes to highlight the “jobless recovery” headline.  It sells.  It also confuses […]