Attention Financial Advisors, Going Independent…

Attention Financial Advisors,
Going Independent –

  • Are you looking for a new business home? One that assures your clients will come first, and is run cost-efficiently?
  • Are you determined to enjoy the rest of your career away from the influences and conflicts of Wall Street? Where trust is not in doubt?
  • Would you like to be associated with Channer Investment Management, a name in the investment business that has been respected for three generations?

We opened our doors in 2002. Since then, we have experienced every aspect of independence, and we believe it is the future of the investment business.

We are currently comprised of four very happy independent advisors, and a very experienced administrative manager. We benefit from a well-planned support system, in place technology and compliance, and furnished offices. We are ready to add two more advisors. Candidates should have an excellent compliance record and a conservative approach. The ‘size of your book’ is not important.

If you want the rest of your advisory career to be independent, more profitable, and with people you like and trust, call:

Christopher S. Channer


1625 Colonial Parkway, Inverness, IL 60067

Securities Offered through LPL Financial

A Registered Investment Advisor



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