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SUNDAY August 23, 2009

BY DAVID ROEDER Sun-Times Columnist

David Roeder

DOW DIVINER: With the Dow Jones industrial average clawing back to 9,500, I thought it was time for a conversation with Christopher Channer, founder of Channer Investment Management Inc. in Inverness. He earned his stripes as a [forecaster] of the Dow in the Sun-Times way back in 1990, when he correctly forecast that it would hit 10,000 (in 1999).

Alas, we all know what has happened to the Dow since then. But Channer believes a return to 10,000 is [possible] in a few weeks. Can it stay there? “That’s anybody’s guess”, he said, “Since the market amounts to a mirror for its participants’ greed and fear.” But looking long-term and basing his view on historical performances, Channer believes the Dow will breach its all-time high of 14,164.53, and Dow 20,000 is a good possibility 7 to 10 years from now.

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[Note: DOW re-crossed 10,000 on Oct 14, 2009]

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