Tuesday, February 20th, 2018


CHANNER UNIVERSITY™ READERS HAVE BENEFITED  The following quotes come from past articles and reports  written and distributed by CHANNER – UNIVERSITY™ regarding the Banks, The Fed, Real Estate speculation, and Wall Street    11-15-06:  The top five investment and brokerage firms will pay an estimated $36 billion in bonuses to their employees for 2006.  Their […]

In The News

        SUNDAY August 23, 2009    BY DAVID ROEDER Sun-Times Columnist                                                                                                          DOW DIVINER: With the Dow Jones industrial average clawing back to 9,500, I thought it was time for a conversation with Christopher Channer, founder of Channer Investment Management Inc. in Inverness. He earned his stripes as a [forecaster] of […]

“Mad Money” vs. “The Conservative Investor”

Jim Cramer’s “MAD MONEY”  VS.  Christopher Channer’s “THE CONSERVATIVE INVESTOR”   “When Mad Money first appeared on CNBC I felt a headache coming on.  The noise alone was enough to reach for pain relief.  Every disciplined aspect of my three decades in the business cried out to make the ranting and raving stop.  Now, BusinessWeek has […]

It’s a Market of Stocks, Not a Stock Market

    It’s a Market of Stocks, Not a Stock Market offered by Christopher S. Channer     How we think of things, often determines how well we think.  Sadly, much of how we think of things is determined by the media, society or culture.  Yet, we can train ourselves to frame our thoughts with […]

Ask An Expert Article – How Does It Feel?

   Q: I know what it feels like to be an investor in this environment.  It is terrible.  However, since much of today’s problems are related to the collapse of Wall Street, Banking and financial services, how does it feel to be in the investment management business right now?   A: Thank you for your […]