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Q & A

QUESTION: After so many years Channer, why are you committing time again to the world of broadcasting?

CHANNER: An old Zig Ziglar line says, “Sometimes you have to go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you can see more.” I have always admired that point of view, and I would say this undertaking is a real world application of that concept. Who knew that the world of finance would be brought to its knees, and that the average investor would be blind-sighted to such a degree? I did not, not to this degree. Yes, I have been an ‘investors advocate’ for decades, and a serious critic of the ways and traditions of Wall Street. But as bad as I thought the culture was at the investment banks, I did not think investors would have to deal with the combination of hurtful circumstances that occurred in 2008 and 2009. Yes, all of this could serve to damage a person financially. Or, it could be fairly minor… depending on how a given investor responds to it.

QUESTION: So you decided that hosting a radio show was the answer to helping investors in 2009, and looking ahead?

CHANNER: Not at first. My first thought was that my broadcasting years were behind me. But, I had called my old friend Jack Taylor, who does a wonderful radio show with his wife, and asked him if he was interested in adding some type of a five-minute message in his show, on the subject of successful investing. He said he would think about it and check with the station. He came back to me with a response I could never have anticipated. He said the station offered to open up an hour, immediately following The Jack and Virginia Taylor Show, for the airing of a new show on the subject of successful (conservative) investing. Jack said, “What do you think?”

QUESTION: You thought yes.

CHANNER: Well, not at first. Our investment management company is my first love, and it keeps me busy. So, I immediately feared – remembering the old broadcast days – that it might be too much in terms of time demands. But Jack was kind enough to represent my concerns to station management, and it was agreed that I could have a free hand in the production, and that I could do the show from a studio that I built in my home a few years back. So I decided that if the project would only take an hour or two per week, that it would not detract but rather compliment the business of Channer Investment Management.

QUESTION: Does it fit with your CHANNER UNIVERSITY™ educational activities?

ANSWER: Actually, I think we can make it fit like a glove. Ziglar was right. When you seek, you find. When you go forward, you learn and discover more options. And when you have old friends like Jack Taylor, many things become possible.

QUESTION: WKRS 1220 AM is a north of Chicago station that broadcasts to northeast Illinois and southeast Wisconsin. Isn’t that a problem for the rest of the greater Chicago market?

ANSWER: Not today. A station’s transmission range is no longer the limitation it used to be. No matter where an investor lives in the state of Illinois or Wisconsin, they can listen to any broadcast by simply going to on their computer and clicking on “listen live”. Also, this station is ideal, according to my wife. She pointed out (to me) that when you say the call letters for the station (WKRS), it sounds like you are saying W-Chris.

My wife not only has a unique sense of humor, but she is also very smart. Over the years, she has strongly encouraged me at every new undertaking. Therefore, we are very excited to further share The Conservative Investor’s investment principles with investors, and at a time when they are needed by so many.

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